Lalela Retail (PTY) LTD is a distributor of quality IT products in South Africa with headquarters in Johannesburg. We are synonymous with excellence and ingenuity as our products are procured and manufactured through partner factories built on years of collaboration, mutual trust, and understanding; allowing us to offer you total piece of mind when working with us.

The Lalela Retail Team is ready to assist

Gidon Kruger

Chief Executive Officer

Gidon Kruger is Lalela Retail’s visionary CEO. As an experienced chartered accountant with a rich and diverse career in finance, he has co-founded this contemporary brand which pays heed to the future of modern day living.

His professional experience in corporate turnarounds, and keen business acumen, makes him the ideal candidate to take Lalela Retail to the next level.

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Nieshell Watson

Chief Commercial Officer

Nieshell Watson is an experienced category head with a vast professional history within the financial and retail sectors. Her business acuity is exemplary, and her personal brand exudes professionalism. Her acutely sharp business expertise has resulted in overseeing IT procurement in excess of 1bn Rand. 

Her experience in negotiation, commodity risk management, asset management, planning, finance and strategic sourcing, as well as professional purchasing makes her the perfect fit for Lalela Retail’s vision.

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